Booze Luge Info

Our Booze Luges, also know as Liquor Luges, have 2 channels carved into them so you can have 2 people use the luge at once.  Also check out the Gallery for more ice carving ideas.

Dimensions and Weight

The approximate dimensions are 30" high x 20" wide x 10 "thick.  It weights approximatly 130lbs.  Get some ideas in the Gallery.

Available Accessories

We recommend that you use our smal drip pans which we have avaliable for purchase.  The drip pans are 24" wide x 18" deep and allow for the melt water, and excess liquor, to be drained into a bucket.  We also have Super Bright LED or Color Changing LED lights that can be placed under the Luge for that extra WOW factor.  These require a foam riser, also avaliable for purchase.  See the Gallery.

How long will my booze luge last?

There are alot of factors that go into how long a Booze Luge will last and they all vary with each customer.
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